Protection through patents:
A patent excludes any third party who isn’t authorized by the patentee or its assignee from exploiting an object (either a product or a process) incorporating concepts covered in the specific patent “claims”. The rights conveyed are territorial (usually national) and valid only in the country for which the patent has been granted.

The exploitation that is thus forbidden primarily concerns the making or importing of a product, and in the case of a process, its use. Other activities (the possession, supplying, sale, or use of a product) are forbidden under certain circumstances.

However, a patent does not guarantee its patentee the right to freely exploit the claimed concept, as this concept may be protected by a prior and more general patent, or because the object which the patentee is planning on making incorporates another concept which has been patented by a third party.

Pontet-Allano & Associés is perfectly capable of directly handling most French, European and International patent procedures, and to have local foreign registered attorneys carrying out any other national and regional procedures, while ensuring technical and legal coherence.

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