Claire Mouget Goniot

  • Partner
  • French Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Specialized diploma in European Patent Litigation
  • CEIPI International Industrial Studies Diploma in Patents, Trademarks and Industrial Design rights
  • Ph.D. in Science
  • Languages :    

Claire started her activities as a researcher during ten years in the industry before turning to the IP field.
In her quality of a French & European Patent Attorney, she has been working in attorney firms as well as in an important pharmaceutical group during more than twenty years.
Claire mainly handles portfolios that fall within the scope of food industry, chemistry, biology, biotechnologies, cosmetics, phytochemistry, biophysics, medicine and pharmacology.
Her skills include drafting patent applications, patent procedure, consultation and patent litigation. Claire is specialized in patent litigation in Europe.
She is also in charge of teachings and trainings at the CEIPI*, the INPI** and in various universities.
Claire is the chairwoman of the CNCPI*** training committee, and a member of the Board of the CEIPI*.
* the CEIPI trains future French and European patent representatives by preparing them for the French (EQF) and European (EQE) qualifying examinations.
** the INPI is the French Patent and Trademark Office
*** the CNCPI is the professional organization of the French Patent & Trademark Attorneys

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